Spotlight On (2005)

Concerto for Piano & Orchestra


In my pre-compositional process, I always like to have an imagery in my head of performers coming onto stage, ready for their instruments, taking their breath, and when the spotlight is on, the musical adventure begins. In this piano concerto, I first had the idea of this musical adventure in a dramatic setting in my mind, but I tried to present it in a musical way. When we as listeners enter into this adventure (the first section), the five “musicians’ dances” (the second section) brings us to the drama of performing, and presents their show on stage. When spotlight is on, the creative mind flies.






12 minutes



February 8th, 2006 Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Composer's Forum

Jenny Lin, piano; Robert Franz, conductor


February 18th, 2006 Sarana Chou DMA Recital, Eastman School of Music

Jenny Lin, piano; Daniel Black, conductor