Tunes Heard in My Childhood (2000- ongoing project)


Tunes Heard in My Childhood is a collection of chamber/solo works inspired by the folk tunes that I grew up with in Taiwan. There are six completed works and one currently work-in-progress. It is my attempt to make this project a channel to introduce my hometown culture to a broader audience. In each piece I created musical motives and gestures to capture the real meanings of the text behind the original folk tunes.


No.1 Handsome Bottoms Up (2003, rev.2009) for Solo Piano

No. 2 A Grasshopper Teasing A Rooster (2006) for viola & piano

No. 3 Rain Phantasy (2009) for violin & piano

No. 4 A Train Whistle (2011) for violoncello, piano

No. 5 A Tea Lady’s Love Song (2011) for double bass & piano    

No. 6 NEW WORK (work-in-progress) for bassoon & piano

No. 7 Dance to the Moon (2013) for violoncello & piano