Toccata (2013) for bassoon & piano; (2015) for trombone & piano

Night (2014) for violin & percussion

Ki-Go (2012) for flute, violin, piano, and percussion

Ritual Mask (2012) Trio for Clarinet, Violin, and Piano

Tunes Heard in My Childhood

No. 7 Dance to the Moon (2013) for violoncello & piano

No. 6 NEW WORK (work-in-progress) for bassoon & piano

No. 5 A Tea Lady’s Love Song (2011) for double bass & piano    

No. 4 A Train Whistle (2011) for violoncello, piano

No. 3 Rain Phantasy (2009) for violin & piano

No. 2 A Grasshopper Teasing A Rooster (2006) for viola & piano 

Memory Theatre (2010) for Bassoon Quartet

Three Miniatures (2008/2007) for Guitar & Double Bass

Two Ways To Be Alone (2006) Piano Trio

Piano Quintet (2004)

Guitarpeggione (2002/2004) for Guitar & Arpeggione

String Quartet No.2 (2001)

Left or Right (2001) for Clarinet & Piano

Anguished Cry (2000) for Viola & Piano

The Way (1998-1999) for Flute, Bassoon, Viola, Violoncello, Piano

String Quartet No.1 (1997)

Rhapsody on the Chaconne Theme (2014) for solo viola

A Little Dance Suite (2011) for Solo Violin (optional w/Dancers) 

Furious (2011) for Solo Piano 

For Winnie (2006) for Solo Piano

devant (2004/2005) for Solo Ten-String Guitar

A Solo Bassoon Piece for Friendship (2003) for Solo Bassoon

Tunes Heard in My Childhood

No.1 Handsome Bottoms Up (2003, rev.2009) for Solo Piano

Quadro Parlante (2002/2003) for Solo Piano

Taiwanese Suite (2000) for Solo Violoncello 

Speaking Without Words (2004) for String Orchestra

Awareness (2003) for Orchestra, 3233/4231, timp, 2 perc. pno, strings

Fanfare for Our Time (2011) for Brass Quintet & Antiphonal Wind Ensemble

Spotlight On (2005) Piano Concerto

The Emancipation of The Spirit (2000) Flute/Piccolo Concerto

Longing (1999) Alto (Mezzo Soprano) with Chamber Orchestra

Flight - A Chamber Opera in Two Acts 

Act I: 2006-2008; Act II: work-in-progress

Hyejung Kook, librettist

Margot, Kay Bernie, and Dick (2002) for Violoncello, Double Bass, Piano, and Percussions, with Four Dancers

Frances Chiaverini, choreographer

A Little Dance Suite (2011) for Solo Violin (optional w/Dancers) 

Furious (2011) for Solo Piano 

Telebug (2005) for Contrabass, Computer-Generated Sound