Memory Theatre (2010)

for Bassoon Quartet (optional contrabassoon on Bassoon IV)


Program Note

I always believe that the listening experience of a new composition is like watching a show, where each character (musical motif or gesture) lives their lives through transformations and interactions, and have a somewhat determined path (musical direction) to go through the journey. Memory Theatre is a very personal journey. My memory of the solo bassoon line at the beginning of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring was the first inspiration behind this composition. It is one of the early “characters” that I was trying to give “lives” to through transformations and development. The other memory was Bergmüller’s “La styrienne” from his 25 Piano Etudes, which I loved to play as a young pianist. I was surprised to find the two have some common grounds – both begin with a neighboring grace-note gesture at the same pitch level. I juxtaposed these two seemingly un-related musical memories, and was trying to have them “live” through my interpretation. Memory Theatre was scored for bassoon quartet (with optional contrabassoon on Bassoon IV), and was made possible by the generosity of Taiwan National Foundation of Arts and Culture. 


為低音管四重奏 (第四部低音管可用低音巴松管取代)




聽一首新創作的音樂,像是在看一齣新創作的戲劇,音樂上的動機,就像戲劇中的主角,帶領我們經歷各種變化 音樂上的變化,聽音樂就像是一場音樂上的旅程。記憶劇場對作曲者來說,是一場很自我的音樂旅程,當我發現兩首我非常熟悉的作品 史特拉汶斯基的春之祭和布爾格彌勒25首鋼琴曲集的La styrienne – 旋律有著相同的音程關係,我把兩個看似不相關的音樂記憶放入我的創作中,讓兩首作品的音樂動機經過不同的詮釋,重新起來,讓觀眾進入我個人記憶中的劇場。